The light made me even smarter.

What is "Lpis"?

  • Light relays information.
  • Information is relayed through text, audio, or video.

When a smartphone or tablet’s camera receives light from an LED light source with an ID Transmission Board installed, information programmed to that light source will be displayed on the device screen. Text, audio, and video can all be relayed in this way.

  • Information is relayed with multiple language options.
  • Information is relayed directly to individual devices.

Using the onboard language settings of the receiving device the system can automatically customize its display language for a specific device.
By Simply downloading the guidance app onto their personal device users can begin to browse content.
The guidance app is available for Android and iOS.

What is Visible Light ID Lighting?

Visible Light ID Lighting is a technology that uses LED lighting as a wireless transmission method not dependent on radio signals. As it is not dependent on radio signals to send information Wi-Fi is not required for implementation, and the system is impervious to ambient radio and electrical noise. Unlike Wi-Fi networks, if a device is out of range of the transmission lights, others don`t have access to the information on the network. This means that intrusion or unwanted access to other networks via the guidance system from outside or long-range is not possible.



Visible Light ID Transmission Board equipped LED Lighting

The ID Transmission Board is wired to power an LED light source. Even if the light must be replaced due to wear or damage, the light transmission will resume simply by replacing the light.

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Useful in a variety of environments and situations

  • Art Museums and Galleries
  • History Museums and Aquariums
  • Office Tours and Factory Tours
  • Art Shows and Product Displays
  • Amusement Parks
  • Shopping Malls
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