Real World Application

Educational and Cultural Facilities

Art Museums and History Museums

There are two benefits to implementing the Lpis system. With Lpis, congestion that occurs during exhibitions can be alleviated, and any changes to individual exhibition layouts can be easily addressed. Even if printed information is not visible due to crowds the same information will be displayed on the devices of users standing under the corresponding lighting. Even if changes occur in the layout of an exhibition or show, these changes can easily be accounted for by installing lighting fixtures equipped with Lpis.

Gallery Spaces

Depending on whether a solo exhibition or group exhibition is operating in a gallery space, the names of artists and pieces, as well as the affiliated captions change within the defined limits of the gallery space. This means that limits are inevitably placed on the information that can be displayed. However, with Lpis this problem is quickly solved. LED spotlights can be individually programmed to correspond with specific content, which means that visitors can receive information about each piece directly. This individualized programming also saves the owner of the space the trouble of creating physical captions and signage for each individual piece every time a new exhibition occurs.

Aquariums・Botanical Gardens・Memorials

Depending on the objects to be displayed and the type of exhibit, there may be no choice but to install explanation cards near the floor. In a small exhibition space, this area will certainly become crowded. Lpis resolves visitors’ difficulties with seeing and reading exhibit content. With Lpis, detailed information will be available to satisfy curious visitors’ thirst for knowledge, and it will be accessible from their smart phones.

Comparison with Conventional Equipment

Comparison with Conventional Equipment, such as Beacons, in Art and History Museums

Equipment Rental, Personnel, and Deposit Costs
Visitors only have to download the guidance app.
Visitors can be directed to move with the transmitted guidance.
Personal guidance adjusted to the movements of each visitor is possible.
Rented devices can be matched with individual visitor’s language needs
Automatic detection of the language settings on visitors’ devices comes standard.
There is a limit to the number of rentable devices.
Unlimited bandwidth means that no matter how many people are accessing the information, there will be no problems.


Office Tours・Factory Tours

During group visits, inspections, and employee recruitment, the stress of felt by the organizer is easily understood by those being lead. The larger the group the harder it is to tell if the back of the group can hear the guide’s voice. In factory settings, the sound of machinery also interferes with important explanations. With Lpis, visitors can gain access to the text version of all the important details direct on their devices, even in loud environments. Video transmission is also possible from factory floor to boardroom.

Exhibitions・Product Descriptions

Have you ever been at an expo and asked a potential client to visit your homepage or download a document to their phone, but then had trouble due to slow speeds or other issues preventing the download? Lpis only requires the lights from your booth to quickly transmit data you want shared about your product. With three lights, visitors can easily move among three product descriptions. Lpis is a very useful tool for any expo or trade fair!

Amusement Parks・Shopping Malls

Keep customers and visitors entertained when lines get long, via Lpis! Get customers excited for an attraction by digitizing backstories or behind-the-scenes information and making it available through Lpis. Let Lpis be a tool to turn waiting into part of the excitement. Turn an entire shopping mall into a game or release information about tenant stores to shoppers. The possibilities are endless. Installing an Lpis system may be the deciding factor that increases repeat customers. If you are interested in installing an Lpis system, please consult us for a set-up that could be right for you!

Natural Disaster Scenarios

Evacuation Guidance

In times of emergency Lpis is a big help! Even without Wi-Fi access, devices with the guidance application can access subway, railroad, and evacuation route information during times of fires or earthquakes. By using ID transmission equipped LED lighting for emergency or street lighting, users can access location-specific information about their location and evacuation routes. Please consider utilizing Lpis as part of your disaster preparedness framework.

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