Response Speed

Information is instantly displayed on the screen of any smartphone or tablet with the application when the camera is exposed to light from an Lpis ID Transmission Board equipped LED light source. For example, in an art museum exhibition space、 regardless of whether printed explanations are located next to an art piece, the same information can be sent to a user directly in accordance with the user’s movement under the lighting in the space. Give Lpis a try and experience this speed for yourself.

Effective Crowd Control

On Saturdays, long weekends, or service or campaign days when many visitors come to exhibits, printed explanations and title cards often become obscured. This frequently leads to long lines and even unsatisfied visitors. With Lpis, even if you can’t see an explanation panel, the same information will be displayed directly to your device, as long as you are in reach of the designated light. You can send information to visitors without any hassle.

Low Operation Cost

It is true that there are start-up costs to implementing the Lpis system such as transmission boards, installation, application registration, and others. However, through continued use of the system after installation your yearly overhead will decrease! Content is completely customizable from any computer, and it can be updated any number of times.

Transmitting with LEDs

The only installation required by Lpis is to attach ID transmission devices to the lighting system in the desired facility. There will be no impact on lighting, or the physical appearance of the space. By simply changing the lightbulb to an LED you will not only save time changing lightbulbs and decrease your electricity bill, but you will also be able to create a customizable content delivery system. This change kills more than 2 birds with 1 stone.

Crime Prevention・Security

You don’t need to rely on equipment rental and the associated cleaning, upkeep, charges or repair costs because the system works with visitors’ personal devices.

Functions and Specifications of ID Transmission Boards

By connecting an LED light to an ID Transmission Board Visible Light ID transmission will be made possible.

Visible Light ID Transmission

Visible Light ID Lighting is a technology that uses LED lighting as a wireless transmission method not dependent on radio signals. As it is not dependent on radio signals to send information Wi-Fi is not required for implementation, and the system is unaffected by ambient radio and electrical noise. Unlike Wi-Fi networks, if a device is out of range of the transmission lights, others do not have access to the information on the network. This means that any intrusion or unwanted access to the network from outside is not possible.

By changing the ID Transmission Board you can transmit different content.

ID Transmission Board Specifications
Input Voltage DC 14-140V
LED Drive Ability 1A Maximum
Power Consumption less than 0.1W
Operational Temperature Limit 0~60℃

Guidance Application Steps for Use

① Install the application

Search for the facility name in the app or use a QR code printed on the ticket or posted in the lobby of the location.

② Activate the app

A screen will appear indicating that the device is waiting for a light signal

③ Once a signal is received…

When standing near an object of interest the LED lighting will transmit content to the device screen.

Creating applications for delivering content

Support is also offered for content delivery applications
We are also able to make custom applications designed to the customer’s desired specifications.

How application creation works

① Consultation

A meeting will be held with the client to confirm the space, number of displayed objects, their locations in the space, and the content needing to be displayed.

② Final Layout Confirmations and Proposal Process

Final confirmation of the details discussed during the consultation process will be agreed upon and then used to make a mockup.

③ Production

Using content materials from the client such as documents, and videos stored in the cloud, the base content delivery application will be customized if necessary.

④ Launch

Installation of the ID Transmission Boards onto the facility’s lighting system is completed, and registration of the app to the App Store and Google Play will be completed.

 Depending on the content and amount of information required for the project application construction and installation flow might differ from the example given here.

Requirements for make a custom application

A dedicated server for the application contents
A designated domain
Annual iOS developer fee

 We can prepare a dedicated server, and dedicated domain on the client`s behalf.

Please contact us with any questions.

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